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Surveillance Trust has been established to provide public security and privacy infrastructure and applications open and accessible to people. We believe that public safety and security infrastructure and applications must involve, and be made from, a human concentric perspective. This has many advantages. It applies a decentralized approach to risk management. It puts security and privacy controls literally in the hands of those most concerned about the risk being managed. It also meets global legal and business requirements and engages with customers based on authority and trust.

Surveillance Trust uses a combination of international standards and legal requirements in its Surveillance Trust Registry and services. We make use of notice and consent receipts in creating controller records in the Surveillance Trust Registry, leveraging the ISO standards we helped develop over the last decade. We also make use of the Transparency Performance Scheme and Indicators and the associated conformance program, we initiated and developed at the Kantara Initiative, as with the Consent Receipt.

Transparency is critical to security and privacy and the Surveillance Trust Registry provides this for surveillance controllers. The controller credential then becomes the cornerstone for the record of relationships, and because it is transparent can be used by any person or organization to gain an understanding of whom they are dealing with and the extent they can be trusted. It is measured by their transparency performance in providing personal data control, data protection, and co-governance, at four levels of assurance. This complements traditional assurance frameworks by bringing operational privacy from a human perspective with its benefits into the picture.

Surveillance Trust is being established as Public Benefit Corporation in Massachusetts. For additional information on the ST programs and services info@surveillancetrust.org

PS No tracking of any kind on this site, apart from the default service necessary to provide this page, no information kept based on your visiting this web page. If you have any privacy or security concerns, please contact us at the above email address. We have a privacy page, and contact page as well, however, we believe that notice about surveillance and providing a point of contact needs to take place as earlier as possible in any interactions and ideally before any surveillance takes place.

Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Trust